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Meet Jimmie

I am a motivated attorney and I want to continue to serve as the Clarksville Town Court Judge. I truly enjoy serving this Town and its citizens, so I ask you to please consider me when casting your vote for the 2015 election of the Clarksville Town Court Judge.

Full Biography

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  • A new Clarksville Town Court clerk will soon be added to what newly seated Judge Jimmie Guilfoyle calls an extremely dedicated staff. Guilfoyle urged members of the Clarksville Town Council on Jan. 20 to approve the hiring of an additional full-time deputy clerk. The court staff currently has three full-time clerks, a probation officer and two part-time bailiffs. He said the position was greatly needed because of a sharp increase in the court’s caseload, which amounted to a more than … read more

  • CLARKSVILLE — A new judge will to rule over the Clarksville Town Court. Jimmie Guilfoyle, 28, was nominated during a Clark County Democratic Party caucus that met Tuesday night at the Clarksville Municipal Center. The nomination proceeding was brief, as Guilfoyle was the only candidate for the office.  “I am very honored, humbled,” Guilfoyle said. “It is not a position I really ever anticipated holding, but I am very thankful for the opportunity.” He was given the chance to receive … read more