Clarksville Town Court Hiring New Clerk

A new Clarksville Town Court clerk will soon be added to what newly seated Judge Jimmie Guilfoyle calls an extremely dedicated staff.

Guilfoyle urged members of the Clarksville Town Council on Jan. 20 to approve the hiring of an additional full-time deputy clerk.

The court staff currently has three full-time clerks, a probation officer and two part-time bailiffs.

He said the position was greatly needed because of a sharp increase in the court’s caseload, which amounted to a more than 100-percent increase from 2012 to 2014. The need for additional personnel became more pressing when a part-time clerk left the position in early January.

Town council members approved the new position during a work session Monday. The new employee is expected to be hired in the coming weeks.

Despite the committed court personnel, Guilfoyle said the upsurge in the cases has proven to be overwhelming for the staff to maintain with a standard desired by all parties, including the prosecutor, attorneys and defendants.

“Everybody has an interest in seeing [the court] be efficient,” Guilfoyle said. “Taking all those things into account and consulting with the staff here, it [the hiring of a new clerk] seemed to be just an absolute necessity.”

Guilfoyle was appointed by caucus to the judgeship Dec. 23. He commended the court’s three clerks for their hard work and years of experience, adding that without their assistance, he would have had a much more difficult time transitioning into the office.

“There are no words to explain how helpful they have been. I am still getting caught up on the management of the court, how to deal with cases, how to be a judge. I am still learning all of these things,” he said. “[The staff] has been invaluable. I defer to their judgment on a lot of things because they have been here for so long. They know how it works. I trust them.”

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